Friday, January 8, 2016

White 1514, great mid-century looks.

I had to combine parts from two machines to get this one together.

I bought both of them from the same seller a year ago. One was in a cabinet, but the one I fixed up ended up being the parts machine head. Funny story, someone did the same thing, they took the best parts off of both machines, and put it in the cabinet. But they either didn’t have the set screws, or didn’t know they existed, and so they welded the machine to the hinges, burning the cabinet and the machine.

So I switched all the needed parts back to the “parts” machine, and put it in a plastic case I had. It took awhile figuring out every little bit that was missing, and polishing the chrome -- but once I got it al together it stitched perfectly right away.

A manual and box of attachments came with the machine, but if you are lucky enough to find a cool retro turquoise and chrome White 1514 you can download a copy of the manual here at the Singer site. Singer has many White manuals, just type a W in front of the model number to look them up.  Or just type a W to search all the White manuals they have.

Here is a link to the manual for the attachments from that era


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm lucky to have purchased one of these beauties--and it came with the manual and original receipt--but no attachments.

  2. They are great machines! Love the color. How cool you have the original receipt. You should be able to find attachments pretty easily, low shank Griest attachments are pretty common on ebay and etsy.

    Happy stitching!


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