Friday, October 2, 2015

It's fall already, and so a new group of UFOs.

Wow, it's October already, and cooling off.  With the drought I don't expect to see much fall color this year, but on a drive through the coast range yesterday some of the vine maples had a hint of color.  Many trees leaves have just dried up with the lack of rain.  Here on the coast October is usually a wet month, so my fingers are crossed.

Sewing has been happening a bit, although never as much as I would like.  Every quarter a quilting group I belong to on Revelry has a UFO challenge, you must have at least 5 unfinished quilted projects to join.  The goal is to finish at least 1, but I was jazzed I finished 2!

Here are my summer UFOs. And here are the first two on the list, finished:

I of course started some new projects, so I am adding to the UFO list.  The one I hope to work on and finish quickly is a leftover jelly roll quilt, I'm using the jelly roll race method but the strips are left from another project so I am not sure what size it will turn out.  

And here's what it looks like right now:

That's my Singer 99K, I brought it out to the dining room table to sew since we had company and hiding out in the studio didn't seem sociable.  I hope to get this done soon to put on the living room couch, definitely by Thanksgiving (the fabric is left over from potholders and a runner).  It would be nice to do it sooner.

New #2 is a quilt as you go lap quilt that I hope to have done by Xmas, as it is a gift.  Here is a picture of the fabrics, I have already started sewing rows down.  I am using this tutorial: .  

#3 is a rescue of a set of vintage blocks I found at a thrift store.  Someone started piecing them together with cheap muslin so I have a lot of unstitching to do, then I think I want to get a vintage repro print for the blocks in between, or a color.  

The rest of the list is in the link from last quarter that was up top.

#4 is the Christmas table runner that is still on the design wall, sigh.  

#5 is the fourth of July quilt, sitting in a corner ready to sandwich, quilt and bind.

#6 is the "quick" potholders that are still sitting around.  

I'm not even counting the guild BOM blocks, I know I am not getting to those any time this year.  

So I got two done last time, I am going to hope for 3 this round!

And because this blog is supposed to be mostly about vintage sewing machines, here is a great blog post talking about cleaning a vintage 99K that is very similar to mine.  Mine dates to 1951, although I have put a new motor and foot petal on it as it came to me with no motor.  I also bought a wooden base, as it was missing that.  And a few accessories....

Anyway it's a great little machine.  I think this blogger has some great advice, except I strongly disagree with her wiping the machine first with a wet rag with what sounds like dish soap.  Soapy water can be horrid for decals, I always use sewing machine oil on a rag for that first wipe down.

Happy stitching!