Friday, September 25, 2015

A few UFO's and a peek at my Davis New Vertical Feed treadle.

I did finish a few things this summer, but of course I am starting more!

At the beginning of July I posted some Unfinished Objects for a group challenge in a quilting forum on Ravelry.  I did finish a couple of things:

Jon's quilt got done about a day before his Birthday, and was happily gifted on time. It was pieced on the Singer 66 I wrote about last time I got a chance to blog.

And I finally finished the insulated shopping bag:

The bag has a quilted lining, and was totally sewn on my Davis New Vertical Feed treadle sewing machine.  

The Davis NVF is a pretty amazing machine, quilters love it for binding, but it is great for anything with many layers - the types of things you usually need a walking foot for.  Why, because the needle moves the fabric, there are no feed dogs.  This technique apparently is used in many industrial machines, but as far as I know the Davis Vertical Feed is the only one for home use that operated like this.  

Here is a video link showing the unique action:

So the layers don't slip as you stitch.  Some other bloggers have written about this machine and done a great job, so instead of re-inventing the wheel go read Jennigma's blog or Dragonpoodle studio.

If you get the lust for this machine as I did after reading about it, here is a great guide to identifying the Davis models. The thing to know is that the New Vertical Feed, the one with the trefoil design on the bed, is the only one that takes modern 15 x 1 needles.  It also is a shuttle machine, but there are bobbins available for it.   

Lots of links here, but no pictures of my baby, here is the photo from when I got her:

As you can see she was in great shape, I haven't done any of my usual spa routines on her, just some basic oiling and a little citrus oil on the cabinet and I have been busy sewing.  One of these days I will spend some time really cleaning, and take pictures, and play with the attachments and share it all.  But right now the sun is shining in the studio and I have a fall quilt project I want to get started on.