Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A pause to post some UFOs.

I am pausing the sewing machine parade to list some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) for my participation in a challenge on a quilting forum on Ravelry.  We have to have at least 5 unfinished projects to participate, and although I have more than that I decided instead of listing them all I would just list the ones I hope to actually work on the next 3 months.  We will see how that goes.

#1 is really my top priority, as it is a birthday present due in early August.  I know, you are thinking "GET BUSY".  I need to get back on it tonight.

#2 is a quilted grocery/picnic cooler bag.  I have all the pieces cut:

I did a bit of test quilting, since it is so thick, with two layers of Insulbrite batting.  I am planning on using my new Davis New Vertical Feed, so I was wondering how it would do, well I shouldn't have worried.

It went through the thickness like butter, with no slipping or sliding of layers, and no catching of the batting on the feed dogs (since there aren't any!).  I love this machine!

The bag is based on the tutorial from SewMamaSew http://www.sewmamasew.com/2011/06/summer-sewing-insulated-picnic-tote/

#3 Is my Fourth of July quilt, pieced on my White Family Rotary treadle, I just need to sandwich and quilt it, and bind it.  

#4 is a simple Christmas table runner.  Yes folks, this has been hanging on the design wall since, oh, November.  

Those are Christmas trees.  Now that I have shared this, I really need to finish it.

# 5 is my guilt trip.  I won these blocks from the Block of the Month drawing at my guild meeting. Everyone worked so hard on them, so I feel guilty they are languishing in my studio.  There are a lot here, maybe even enough for two charity quilts.  

# 6 is one of those "easy little projects" that should have been done long ago, a set of potholders from squares I got at a yard sale.  

I think of these often when I use the ones in the kitchen that have gotten so ratty.  I think it's only been a year, but maybe more.  

The challenge only requires finishing ONE quilt or quilted project, so I am very hopeful to meet that and do a bit more.  I really want to finish these before starting on anything new, and even then it should be from the projects I planned and purchased for, that are lurking in little plastic bins.    


  1. Welcome to the challenge, and good luck! Fourth of July is almost there, and I love the colors in your guilt trip!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! Doing the challenge really does help me get going!


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